Moore-McNeil, LLC (“Moore-McNeil”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. is an international insurance consulting firm with extensive experience in providing due diligence and outsourced risk management services.

Our targeted industry expertise and ability to execute on complex transactions has positioned us as the insurance consultant of choice in the areas of conventional power, renewable energy, oil and gas, mining, metals production, chemicals/processing, road, rail and bridge infrastructure, and public-private partnerships, among others.

Since early 2005, the company has performed insurance due diligence services and provided consulting expertise for lenders, multi-laterals, US Department of Energy, tax equity investors and sponsors on well over 2,500 construction, operational, project finance, corporate finance, tax equity investments, acquisitions and work-out transactions primarily in the United States, Canada, and Latin America, but in other countries as well. Executing a successful transaction requires a partner with extensive knowledge of both the industry and its related insurance implications. Lenders, sponsors, and private equity firms have looked to Moore-McNeil to provide services that are independent, comprehensive, and sophisticated. We are renowned for our ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and deliver tailored strategies that bolster transaction value and minimize risk. Our philosophy is to use experience and common sense to develop robust insurance strategies. Our primary objective is to provide sound advice to financiers to achieve a practical insurance program in accordance with prudent industry practice and to maintain highly co-operative relationships with all project participants to assist in this process.